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partner of kissamos activities
Partner of kissamos activities
partner of kissamos activities

Influencer week 2024

Crete, Greece

10 Influencers

Bucket-list experiences


Trip drops coming soon

Discover trips that are launching in the new future. Same unique, exciting experienced - different destinations.

Did you say CRAZY bucket - list experiences?

All of our trips launch with influencers first. You'll get to experience all the fun things they do and get a real feel for the vibe of the trip through the content published afterwards. There is a booking option to join the influencers on the trip or, book right after them and get to do all the fun, crazy things you saw them do. Taking the guess work out of planning a trip and making sure you have one hell of a holiday.

From Cretan cooking to breaking plates and saying "OPA" all the way to new and exciting trip drops. We do one of a kind trips that are sure to be remembered for years to come.

How does it work?

Team up with us as an influencer or a brand and learn how we can work together.

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