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if you want to create connections, create some cool content, experience the REAL Greece...

Then join us to say "OPA" while breaking some plates.

Quick Facts

- 10 influencers

- 7 Nights

- Creating together

- Expanding Work portfolio with other creators and brands

- Influencer release date: 1 Feb 2024

- Sponsor release date: 1 Feb 2024

Trip Overview

When we say ‘Greek Island holiday’, you say... Endless beaches? Ridiculously blue waters? Perpetual sunshine? Well, yeah, all those things are great. Obviously. But our Package covers all the givens... and more. MORE laughing. MORE eye candy sunsets. MORE greek waters and cretan goodness. MORE MEMORIES. Plate smashing. Greek dancing. Dining with the locals. And with us, you won’t just see it. You’ll do it. One ‘opa!’ at a time.

Trip Itinerary

The trip will last for 7 nights, however we will only keep you busy for 4 days and the rest of the days you can use as you please. We understand that you need to also get work done and create your own adventure in Crete.

Two weeks before thr trip starting date you'll receive a document which details the exact itineray. You can pack accordingly.

You'll be picked up at Chania airport where you'll then be taken to your hotel in Kissamos.


Have a seat at the longest table in Crete with a visit to the top-rated Cretan restaurant in the area and enjoy a full Cretan buffet with dancing and plate breaking.

Enjoy a day in the sun when we visit some world renowned beaches like Balos lagoon.

Authentic Cretan experiences

Whether it is taking part in a Cretan cooking adventure in an operating restaurant, visiting a traditional village, tasting the Cretan poison (raki), taking in the beauty on a hike, strolling the streets of Chania with old churches, or joining a Cretan family for a meal at their home, we will have a ton of fun experiencing the real Crete with real people and real experiences.


- 7 Night Accommodation

- Meals, 7 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 4 lunch

- Activities during the four days

- Gift Bags


- Travel and medical insurance

- Transport to and from the hotel (located 40min form Chania International airport, taxi and public bus option available)

- Flight tickets

- Any extra activities, transport and meals not listed

Accommodation & Location

You'll be staying at Kissamos Bay Hotel, Kissamos Crete, Greece 73400, or similar in Kissamos. Each room has its own private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, mini fridge, and wifi. The hotel is located right on the beach in Kissamos and is within walking distance of all amenities, the town center and public transport.

Kissamos is a traditional Cretan village located in close proximity to some of the most popular beaches in all of Crete. Here, you'll experience authentic life of the Cretan people and expose yourself to a differnt way of life entirely.

Expectations,Logistics & other info


We want you to share with your followers the experiences you're having as much as you are able to do. We believe this is great content and that they too will benefit from it.

- Share your trip

- Share our virtual swag bag which is for your followers to receive certain discounts.

- Share your physical swag bag contents which you'll receive at your hotel upon arrival.

Swag Bags & Sponsors

Each influencer will receive a virtual swag bag and a physical swag bag. The virtual swag bag needs to be shared with your followers which will hold things like coupon codes, discounts, etc. The physical swag bag are things for you to use. It will also hold all the info on our sponsors so if you like the product you can reach out to them for future collaborations.

How do we go from here?

Schedule a call with us so we can make sure both parties are on the same page, work through any questions you might have.

Get in Touch

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