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Menies Beach Excursion

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Menies Beach is a stunning, secluded beach far from crowded tourist areas, offering incredibly clear blue waters. The impressive rocks and natural beauty create a paradise-like setting. Menies is situated on the ancient site of Diktynna, once the primary temple honoring the goddess Vritomartis. Some remnants of the ancient Roman temple and a deserted 9th-century monastery of St. George can still be found here. Additionally, with the snorkeling gear we provide, you can explore underwater and discover remnants from World War II, like a part of a gun and a carriage or explore Chironisia Bay which is accessible solely by sea, featuring deep, crystal-clear blue waters and numerous small caves that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

 30 - 60 per group

Duration: Approximately 4 hours 

Start time: Morning session: 10 am or evening session: 14:30 pm

Difficulty Level: 2

What's included

- Visiting a cave - Option for lunch - Transport - Snorkeling gear


- Not wheelchair accessible - Not Stroller accessible - This is an intense hike only for hikers with no physical or medical constraints.

What to expect

Departure from Kolymbari’s harbor. Arrived at our first stop, Menies Beach. You will have a chance to swim and relax. Arrival at our second stop, Rodopos Cave where you can explore. Arrive at our last stop, Chironisia Bay for more swimming and fantastic scenery. Arrive back at Kolymvari port where your driver will take you back to your hotel.

Additional Information

- Make sure you have your towel, sunscreen and bathing suit. - This activity includes a boat trip

Departure & Return

Pickup at your hotel. You will be returned to the hotel when you have completed the activity.

- Order a Lunch packet from us (this will include fresh fruits, water, juice, a sandwich and a snack)

- Drinks such as water, juice, or energy drinks can also be arranged

Meal &Drinks options:

Transfer Options

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Transfer Included

OTHER OPTIONS & LOGISTICS The transport price is to the location where the bus will wait for you and take you back to your location afterward. - Transport prices might differ at the time of booking - Taxis can also be organized

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