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The ULTIMATE Cretan adventure

Experience Greece like you've always wanted through the food, the dancing and the people.

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Greek Family dinner

Join a Greek family at home, grab a chair & listen to the stories.

Say "OPA" breaking plates

Learn Greek dances while breaking plates & making new friends!

Order a meal in greek

Impress yourself by learning to say: "Θέλω έναν καφέ"


Crete  Package

When we say ‘Greek Island holiday’, you say... Endless beaches? Ridiculously blue waters? Perpetual sunshine? Well, yeah, all those things are great. Obviously. But our Package covers all the givens... and more. MORE laughing. MORE eye candy sunsets. MORE greek waters and cretan goodness. MORE MEMORIES. Plate smashing. Greek dancing. Dining with the locals. And with us, you won’t just see it. You’ll do it. One ‘opa!’ at a time.

Logistics and STUFF.

Our whole aim is to have you at the edge of your seat the whole time by you not knowing what to expect next but we also understand there are some things we all need to agree upon beforehand.

How does it work?




Approximately 2 weeks before your trip start date you'll receive an email detailing the exact location of your hotel and packing list. (Bathing suit, sneakers etc.)

Once you arrive, you'll find a welcoming package in your hotel with some goodies you'll need to enjoy and complete your tour.

Upon arrival you'll receive a detailed email of pickup locations, activities, excursion for each individual day every day.

Our trip promise & inclusions:

- 3 Breakfast

- 1 Lunch

- 2 Dinners

- 3 star Accommodations

- Daily excursions including: a boat trip, #1 beach in Crete, breaking plates, Tasting, Archeological activities, Hike, Snorkeling through crystal blue water, discovering Cretan Beer, learning to cook like a Cretan, Dinner with a greek family @ their home, a village experience feeding chickens & milking cows!

100% customer support: Direct Whatsapp number for quick & easy assistance - not just email.

About the location

Kissamos, Crete Greece is a traditional Cretan village town located 40km from the city of Chania. It's a hidden gem that most people don't know exists. It's authentic, Insta beautiful, located near major attractions & easily accessible. Kissamos has all the amenities that you might need such as pharmacies, health clinic, public transport & loads of things to do & see!

The hotel you'll be staying at will be located in Kissamos in close walking distance to nightlife, shops, restaurants etc. more importantly - It's located right on the beach! 

From your Country to Crete:

You can reach Chania by directly flying into Crete or catch a connection flight via Athens International airport.

When selecting a Crete airport to fly into make sure it's Chania International airport and nor Heraklion. (which is the main city and located a 3 hour drive from Chania)

Kissamos Port also has ferries arriving in summer as well as the port of Chania (Souda)

From Chania to Kissamos

KTEL Public Bus

Take the bus from Chania airport or Souda port straight to Kissamos. 


Taxis are widely available and we will arrange one for you upon inquiry.

Rental Car

If you want to rent a car - let us know & we'll organize one for you!


trip is for you.

Bucket - list

If you are

a thrill seeking, fun loving, experience hunting human looking to experience life to the fullest

then this

Ultimate Crete adventure package


Free Cancellation
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Recommended by 97% of travelers

for two people sharing

3 Nights / 4 Days


Free Cancellation
7 Nights / 8 Days

Spaces are limited so book NOW!

bring a friend & surprize them for Christmas!

Our package is for 2 people so,

Add a personalized digital downloadable invitation for the Christmas tree!

You'll DEFINITELY win friend of the year - no doubt about that!

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