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Preveli Beach Excursion

Preveli is a renowned beach located on the southern side of Crete Island, the largest island in Greece. It's a destination that lures visitors due to its diverse offerings, ranging from modern cities and stunning beaches to deep gorges and towering mountains.

Local legend has it that the legendary king Odysseus paused at Preveli while journeying back to his homeland, Ithaka.

What sets Preveli beach apart is the palm forest surrounding the river that flows from a gorge and meets the sea. The extraordinary natural beauty of this area attracted hippies from all over the world during the 1960s and 1970s, who lived here and constructed huts beneath the palm trees.

Due to the delicate nature in and around Preveli Beach, the area enjoys protection under Natura 2000 as a natural reserve.

 30 - 60 per group

Duration: Approximately 4 hours 

Start time: Morning session: 10 am or evening session: 14:30 pm

Difficulty Level: 2

What's included

- Option for lunch


- Not wheelchair accessible - Not Stroller accessible - The walk from the beach can be intense as it is very steep and is only for people with no physical or medical constraints.

What to expect

Pick up from your hotel and drive to Preveli Beach. Walk down to the beach (takes about 15 minutes) Free time for some optional lunch, rest, and swim until we depart back to your hotel.

Additional Information

- Make sure you have your towel, sunscreen, and bathing suit.

Departure & Return

Pick up at a time that is convenient to you at your hotel. You will be returned to the hotel when you have completed the day activity.

- Order a Lunch packet from us (this will include fresh fruits, water, juice, a sandwich and a snack)

- Drinks such as water, juice, or energy drinks can also be arranged

Meal &Drinks options:

Transfer Options

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OTHER OPTIONS & LOGISTICS The transport price is to the location where the bus will wait for you and take you back to your location afterward. - Transport prices might differ at the time of booking - Taxis can also be organized

for up to 50 people



for up to 19 people

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