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Imbros Gorge Hike

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Often described as an easy hike, this does not really mean that the nature in Imbros will be less spectacular than what you might see in other gorges in Crete!

Despite being much smaller in size than Samaria there are some very spectacular sections, especially the several very narrow passages

For a number of people (especially Australians and New Zealanders and to a lesser extent Brits) walking through the gorge of Imbros is almost a pilgrimage. Many people have had parents or grand-parents who fought with the Allied troops in Crete and walked through the gorge in May 1941 in order to escape the island to Egypt.

From there the path descends gently into the gorge heading south. It is never steep and not particularly difficult (running shoes are good enough for this walk) but as everywhere in Crete the path is stony so you need to pay attention to where you put your feet.

Because the gorge is fairly narrow (under 2 meters wide at one point!) and has plenty of trees you will have shade most of the time.

Max of 30 per group

Duration: Approximately 3 hours  - 8 km

Start time: Arranged to your scheadule

Difficulty Level: 2

What's included

- Tour Guide - Option for lunch


- Not wheelchair accessible - Not Stroller accessible - This is an easy hike only for hikers with no physical or medical constraints.

What to expect

Additional Information

- Make sure you have the correct walking shoes along with sunscreen, water etc for this hike

Departure & Return

Pickup at your hotel at a convenient time for you. You will be returned to the hotel when you have completed the hike.

- Order a Lunch packet from us (this will include fresh fruits, water, juice, a sandwich and a snack)

- Drinks such as water, juice, or energy drinks can also be arranged

Meal &Drinks options:

Transfer Options

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OTHER OPTIONS & LOGISTICS The transport price is to the location where the bus will wait for you and take you back to your location afterward. - Transport prices might differ at the time of booking - Taxis can also be organized

for up to 50 people



for up to 19 people

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